The Cost of Booking a Limousine

The Cost of Booking a Limousine

You probably think that limousine services are out of your price range, being only for celebrities or the very rich.  That’s actually not true at all and the cost of hiring a limo can vary pretty widely.  You can get a limo for as little as $50 for a trip to the airport or you can spend in excess of $500 depending on the occasion.  So let’s look at the cost of booking a limousine and why it varies so much.

What’s the Occasion

The cost of your limo will be dependent on the reason that you need it in the first place.  If all you need is a ride to the airport then that is when you’re going to get your best rate.  Hint…limo prices are pretty inline with taxi fares so treat yourself.  Getting married or going to the prom is a whole other thing and that is going to cost you more.  Special occasions have elaborate decorations and the demand for services is much higher, thus a higher price for you.  It’s not just weddings and proms that will cost more it’s also going to be other special occasions like bachelor/bachelorette parties, Superbowl parties and other events like these.

What Services Come with the Limo

This another factor that goes into the price.  Will there be alcohol available…a full bar?  Will Wi-Fi be available in the car, what about complimentary photos?  What services do you want when you book your limousine?  Bear in mind that the sky is pretty much the limit but you’re going to pay for it.  You need to figure out what you want from the experience before you end up paying for extras you don’t want or need.  Here are some luxuries that you can get with a limousine.

Operating Costs

A simple sedan that brings you to the airport costs far less to own and operate than a Rolls Royce decorated with flowers to take you to your wedding.  If you are looking for a vintage automobile, then that costs more to maintain and run that a brand new Cadillac.  Size of the limousine will also affect the prices.  Again a fuel efficient sedan going to the airport will cost less in fuel costs than a stretch Hummer.  The Hummer is meant to accommodate 12 people and will cost you triple the price or more than a typical Town Car.

A limousine can run the gamut from a comfortable ride to the airport to a party bus meant for a group.  Always understand what you want before you start discussing the price.

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